Youth Organization FeelGood Joins The Hunger Project

July 27, 2020

No movement in modern history has succeeded without the active participation of youth.

For 15 years, The Hunger Project has partnered with FeelGood, a youth-led movement focused on mobilizing university students across 25 college campuses in the United States to become global citizens and social entrepreneurs. Since 2004, FeelGood has equipped over 3,500 student leaders to raise money and mobilize support for one of the most significant movements of our time: the end of hunger and poverty by 2030.

Now, we are uniting our organizations. We are proud to announce FeelGood as an official program of The Hunger Project.

There has never been a more critical time in history for us to come together and look towards the incredible impact we will make in the future.

“The Hunger Project and FeelGood are founded in the same core ideas: we agree that people are capable of the most profound transformation, and that interconnectedness shapes all our actions. We unlock capacity, vision, creativity, commitment and leadership so that individuals can transform their lives, their families and their communities. FeelGood students have been active members of our global movement, and today we take that one step further,” said Jenna Recuber, Global Vice President at The Hunger Project.

What’s Next? Through the FeelGood program, The Hunger Project will welcome an incredible community of youth volunteers, activists, and transformative leaders. Our partners and investors, you will have the opportunity to engage with, and even mentor, the next generation of global changemakers.