The Transformative Leadership School Ignites Change in Oaxaca, Mexico

June 2, 2016

In the beginning of March, The Hunger Project-Mexico’s catalysts and educators collaborated to open the Transformative Leadership School. This represents a huge step forward in the consolidation and promotion of The Hunger Project’s mission as it introduces an environment for collaboration among community members of all ages about ways to resolve social issues. Now, with the Transformative Leadership School, it is easier to strengthen and train catalysts and ultimately create positive social change.

The first module of the school program was dedicated to the topic of self-discovery and gave catalysts the opportunity to reflect on their roles as leaders and how they may best generate transformation in their own lives as well as in their communities. Keeping The Hunger Project’s goals in mind, participants distinguished how they may best use each of their individual skill sets to create optimum leverage as key agents of change.

Some of the most inspiring moments from this first module included conversations about taking action as leaders, strengthening self-esteem, identity, creating unity, and the proposal of free education. Participants also spoke about The Hunger Project’s Vision, Commitment and Action (VCA) Workshop, which enables the community to create its own vision for the future with a public commitment to realize that action and the identification of how to do so. The Transformational Leadership School of Oaxaca empowers catalysts to participate actively, creatively and respectfully, in an environment that promotes growth in the collaboration and catalyzation of generations to come.


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