THP-Malawi Completes New Epicenter

September 9, 2013

Update to the Global Board

October 2013

THP-Malawi received two grants over the course of the reporting period. The first is from the National AIDS Commission (NAC) in the amount of $75,000, the second from CHANGE in the amount of $10,000, as well medical equipment worth about $70,000 from the current President’s Foundation. In addition to showing a strong fundraising and capacity building front, THP-Malawi finished the construction of Majete Epicenter. THP-Malawi has also been busy implementing several new programs such as an HIV/AIDS mapping project and program staff learning visits.


  • Epicenter Construction. During Q2 2013, THP-Malawi completed the construction of Majete Epicenter, scheduled to be inaugurated in Q3 2013. Along with the completion of the infrastructural building, THP-Malawi handed over the maternity wing to the District Health Office to manage its activities. The Joyce Banda Foundation donated medical equipment to the hospital making the maternity wing almost ready to start its operations. In addition to the epicenter L-building, two nurses’ quarters were built, allowing for several nurses to be accommodated at the epicenter, and a community food bank was completed.
  • Learning Visits. THP-Malawi’s M&E and Health & Nutrition Officers were sent to other Program Countries to share experiences and to learn from programs. Mercy Kamwanja, the Health & Nutrition Officer, was sent to observe the health program of THP-Benin so as to learn more about the nutrition program. Henry Chungu, the M&E Officer, collaborated with THP-Uganda to lead the outcome evaluation of a priority epicenter using his experience from implementing the Outcome Evaluation Pilot Project (OEPP) in Malawi last year.
  • HIV/AIDS. THP-Malawi began implementing its new NAC funded program,which is focusedon training HIV/AIDS animators on alcohol and drug abuse, and intergenerational sex as key factors related to the spread of HIV. Furthermore, under the HIV Fellowship program, THP-Malawi is mapping the roles of the animators and other partners to assess where the responsibilities fall to reach the HIV program outcomes that have been established as goals.

September 9, 2013