THP-Ethiopia Epicenter Savings & Credit Receives Award

September 8, 2013

Update to the Global Board

October 2013

In the early stages of the reporting period, at Jaldu Epicenter, Gudatu Saving & Credit Cooperative (SACCO) was awarded two trophies and certificates for the outstanding work done to mobilize the highest number of women for membership and the greatest savings amount among other SACCOs at regional and national level. THP-Ethiopia dedicated itself to capacity building in multiple program areas. An innovative program undertaken was beekeeping (or apiculture), with intensive trainings given by WINROK International. Furthermore, THP-Ethiopia successfully managed to get health personnel from the government health office to start working directly at Machakel Epicenter’s clinic. Lastly, to continue the heavy work previously reported in water and sanitation, Debre Libanos Epicentre was able to complete six hand-dug wells with sufficient water for use.


  • Income Generating Activity: Bee Keeping. Farmers at Machakel Epicenter received an intense apiculture training of trainers (TOT), which was attended by district government experts. The trainers were provided with the knowledge and practical skills to manage and improve apiculture practices to boost honey production and productivity. The training was conducted in collaboration with WINROK International, which hosted the volunteer trainer from the US. The beekeeping training encouraged farmers at Machakel to get involved in this income-generating activity. Additional trainings in dairy production will follow at Debre Libanos Epicenter.
  • 1000 Days Initiative. 1000 Days child care/nutrition training were conducted at Enemore and Debre Libanos Epicenters for mothers and pregnant women. The training incorporates both theory and practical sessions on the practise of balanced diet preparation. The pieces of training are advocated by THP-Ethiopia and implemented by government staff.
  • Water & Sanitation. Among the eight planned safe drinking water projects at Debre Libanos Epicenter, six hand-dug wells were completed with a sufficient water discharge rate. The project was implemented with close supervision from the district water office. Officially handing over the completed six water points to the community and district water office is in process and will be finalized in August 2013.
  • Epicenter Recognition. Mesqan Epicenter graduated to a cooperative and became the first legally recognized epicenter in Ethiopia. The license was provided by the district government, the Epicenter Committee has taken over management and the transition to self-reliance is initiated. In addition, an agreement has been reached with zonal and district government officials to prepare Mesqan Epicenter’s project extension agreement in order to graduate Mesqan Epicenter to self-reliance by 2016. The project extension agreement is expected to be finalized and signed in the Fall of 2013.


September 8, 2013