THP-Burkina Celebrate New Epicenter

September 8, 2013

Update to the Global Board

October 2013

THP-Burkina Faso started out this year with the inauguration of Boulkon Epicenter in the presence of several high-level THP staff and local government officials. In addition to Boulkon’s inauguration, the visit included several fruitful meetings with potential partner institutions such as USAID, the World Bank and UNICEF. THP-Burkina followed this eventful first quarter by successfully implementing its activity plan with a particular emphasis on the programs of Food Security and WEP (in the form of the International Women’s Day Celebration).


  • Boulkon Inauguration & Visit.On February 12, THP-Burkina inaugurated Boulkon Epicenter with special invitees such as President and CEO Mary Ellen McNish, the Vice President of Africa Programs Dr. Idrissa Dicko, Country Director of THP-Switzerland Alexandra Koch and public government authorities, such as the Minister of Economy and Finances, the Governor of the North, and the High Commissioners of the North. Boulkon Epicenter is the youngest and last epicenter of THP-Burkina to be inaugurated.
  • International Women’s Day. The International Women’s Day parade and festivities took place in Mangatown. The official theme of the day was “Women entrepreneurship and economic self-reliance in Burkina Faso.” Officers from THP-Burkina’s Women Empowerment Program (WEP) represented THP-Burkina in the parade. Further celebrations took place at Bissiga Epicenter.
  • Health & Nutrition. Over the course of the period, the majority of activities concerned capacity building around the 1000 Days Initiative. THP-Burkina also participated in bringing medical and surgical brigades to several epicenters, the impact of which was so great the visit made its way into a national newspaper (see newspaper clipping). Lastly, THP-Burkina contributed to medical amenities furnished for Boulkon’s Health Center, such as gynecological consultation tables, general consultation tables, maternity kits, and surgery kits.


September 8, 2013