THP-Benin Partners with Dutch on Epicenter Strategy

September 8, 2013

Update to the Global Board


October 2013

THP-Benin signed a €2 million agreement over a four year period with the Dutch Embassy to implement The Hunger Project’s Epicenter Strategy. Furthermore, the epicenter of Klouékanmè was inaugurated in the presence of Dutch investors. The already strong and robust Health & Nutrition, Youth Entrepreneurship, Women’s Empowerment and Food Security programs continued their successful execution with several highlights, such as the second edition of the Three Moringa Tree (TMT) Days Campaign and the celebration of International Women’s Day.


  • Health & Nutrition. The second edition of the Three Moringa Tree (TMT) Days Campaign took place with the theme of “Moringa for the nutrition of the mother and the child during the window of opportunity of the first 1000 days of life.” The campaign was launched at Wawata Epicenter in the presence of the National Food and Nutrition Council, the National Association of the Communes of Benin, the Unions of Beninese Producers through their Federation, International NGOs, such as Plan-Benin, Care International, Aide & Actions, and the University of Abomey-Calavi, represented by the Department of Nutrition. The campaign continued in other epicenters and resulted in 3,900 Moringa trees being planted by various stakeholders of the campaign.
  • Epicenter Inauguration & Investor Trip. On March 26, 2013, Klouékanmè Epicenter was inaugurated during a THP-Netherlands investor trip in the presence of district authorities, local chiefs and the Katakle group from the Netherlands. The operational facilities include: a food bank, a health clinic a kindergarten, a microfinance institution, a meeting hall, an office, a library and communal land. Furthermore, during the visit, a computer center equipped with four computers and one printer at Akpadanou Epicenter was also inaugurated.
  • THP-Benin Hosts West Africa Country Directors Conference. From June 23 to 28, Dr. Dicko, Vice-President of the Africa Department, organized a conference for Country Directors from Western Africa to ensure strategic alignment of program countries with that of the Global Office. Some of the themes addressed over the course of these days were: 1) Self-reliance, 2) Strategic Priorities and 3) Income Generation as a means for self-reliance.

September 8, 2013