The Hunger Project Featured on Online Philanthropic Library

September 5, 2012

The Hunger Project (THP) is proud to join the nearly 90 non-profit organizations featured in the recently launched Laura and John Arnold Foundation (LJAF) Giving Library. The site, as described in the LJAF press release, is “an innovative online library dedicated to providing information about hundreds of non-profit organizations through easily digestible video formats.”

The Hunger Project’s profile page in the Giving Library features a short-format overview and a long-format interview that address the origin, objectives, leverage points, success metrics, accomplishments, challenges and future plans of our organization. The videos are meant to model an in-depth exchange between a donor and a nonprofit organization in a traditional, face-to-face meeting. THP’s Director of Corporate Giving and Special Projects, Supriya Banavalikar, guides viewers through each topic, giving philanthropists a thorough picture of THP. In addition to viewing videos, through the Giving Library users can directly contact THP via the Connection Center ― either anonymously or identifying themselves ― to ask questions or request additional information.


The Hunger Project on the Giving Library

According to LJAF Director of Communications, Meredith Johnson, the library arose in response to a lack of resources for philanthropists looking to make truly informed investment choices. “There is not currently a way for philanthropists to quickly but substantively look into a large number of giving opportunities, and the Giving Library addresses that need…What would have taken months or even years of meetings and travel can now be done in a matter of days, from anywhere. It’s the new way to give,” she explained.

Laura and John Arnold established LJAF in 2008 and, in 2010, were among the first to join the now more than 80 wealthy signatories on Bill Gates’ and Warren Buffet’s Giving Pledge. With the creation of the Giving Library, the Arnolds hope to inspire fellow philanthropists to be “engaged, collaborative, and strategic about charitable giving.”

THP Vice President for Advancement, Betsy Deisroth, greatly appreciates this LJAF initiative. She said, “We know the Giving Library will help to share the work of our village partners throughout Africa, South Asia and Latin America with new audiences. We are confident that potential investors will gain insight into who we are as an organization, see the unique opportunity we present for philanthropic giving and want to be a part of our global movement to end hunger and poverty.”


September 5, 2012