Ten Ways to Fight Hunger and Poverty

January 28, 2014

10_ways_to_fight_hunger_and_poverty.nodeWe at The Hunger Project are always working on new and exciting ways to engage with you, our investors and activists. But we know the internet is a big place, so we’ve put together this list of some of the easiest and most creative ways for you to empower the development of communities around the world…from your computer!

Remember: every conversation you start brings all of us one step closer to a world of equal opportunity.

Are you investing creatively in a way not listed here? Let us know!


You are already on Facebook. Why not Facebook with us? We regularly post photos, stories and questions to keep our investors up-to-date on the latest and greatest. Like our page, suggest us to friends — you can even donate your Facebook cover photo! And if you want to start your own fundraiser (in honor of a birthday, holiday or just because), start a Cause!

Flickr and YouTube

Want to see The Hunger Project in action? Don’t miss these amazing pictures and videos from our programs around the world! Great for sharing with friends and family (hint hint).


Non-profits and news outlets love to chat – especially with our readers! So follow us at @HungerProject for breaking news, development factoids and to join the tweet-versation!


Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where people and organizations gather and share pictures, videos and articles from around the web. Our “pin boards” include inspiring stories of women’s empowerment, the latest development news and even a running list of what we’re reading! Check it out and share your pins with us!

Include some of these small actions in your day-to-day, ask others to do the same, and together we can empower millions of people around the world every day!
Flickr et al

But wait…there’s more!

Check out these easy ways to shop, sell, search, volunteer, dine and even game for the end of hunger.



Make an impact when you shop or sell. Simply list or purchase items on The Hunger Project ebay page and 10% or more of the final sale price is automatically invested in the end of hunger!



How many internet searches do you do a day? 5, 10, 100? With GoodSearch, you could be giving back with every single search! As a free search engine and toolbar powered by Yahoo, GoodSearch donates 50% of its revenue to the charity of your choice. Every search is an investment in The Hunger Project – at no cost to you!



Wish you could volunteer but don’t think you have the time? Check us out on Sparked. Design, translate, research for us without ever leaving your couch!


GoodShop and GoodDining

GoodSearch also offers GoodShop and GoodDining! Shop at thousands of major online stores or dine out at your favorite restaurant and a percentage of your bill will be invested directly in The Hunger Project! And you pay the same price (or less) as you normally would.

Imagine giving to The Hunger Project every time you search the web, shop online or go out to eat – 365 days a year!



You’re already working hard to get that degree to change the world. Why not get a head start and pay down those tuition costs while you’re at it? At Grantoo, play games online for actual winnings that will go towards tuition costs and invest a portion in The Hunger Project. Hear that? Play a game. Pay down tuition costs. Invest in the end of hunger. Students just like you have already won thousands of dollars towards tuition and invested more than $700 in The Hunger Project! So what are you waiting for? Get gaming with Grantoo!

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Looking for even MORE ways to invest in the end of hunger?