Tarcila Rivera Zea Elected to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues

May 9, 2016

Tarcila Rivera Zea, Founder of Chirapaq, The Hunger Project’s partner organization in Peru, was elected to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues for the period 2017-2019! Candidates were selected based on their involvement with indigenous organizations and their experience with the “diversity and geographical distribution of the indigenous people of the world.”

Tarcila was nominated by the Peruvian government as candidate for the Forum; only two spots were available for Latin America and the Caribbean to be nominated by governments.

As the Executive Director of Chirapaq, Tarcila is committed to defending and preserving the rights of Peruvian indigenous peoples and cultures. Her hard work over the past 20 years had led to the creation of the Permanent Workshop of Andean and Amazonian Indigenous Women of the Americas and the Continental Link of Indigenous Women of Americas.

In 2011, Tarcila was recognized by the Ford Foundation as an extraordinary global leader. She was given the Visionary Award winner for lifting the voices of indigenous people.

Join us in congratulating Tarcila for being nominated for the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues as well as her many other accomplishments!