#Showyourselfie and Stand for the World’s Youth

January 28, 2015

Above, President and CEO of the Hunger Project, Åsa Skogström Feldt, shows her support for gender equality. 


We’ve talked about how 2015 is a monumental year. It’s one of the biggest opportunities we’ve ever had as a global community to impact the development agenda and ask our leaders to make ambitious agreements to take on the things we care about: hunger, poverty, youth and climate change.

Today’s adolescents and youth make up a quarter of the population. Yet in many parts of the world, young people—especially girls—don’t have access to basic education, reproductive health services and employment opportunities. These young people are denied the opportunity to fully participate in a world that they will inherit.

That’s where #Showyourselfie comes in: an online campaign that acts as a visual petition to bring attention to the rights and needs of today’s youth.

The campaign encourages YOU to take a “selfie” and tag it with #Showyourselfie in support of the rights of adolescents and youth, demonstrating to world leaders that increased attention and investment are needed.

#Showyourselfie will ensure that all young people have the right to:

  1. Education, at least to secondary level
  2. Employment skills and opportunities
  3. Comprehensive sexuality education
  4. Quality healthcare, including access to family planning services and information
  5. Safety from violence and harmful practices
  6. Participation in decision making

#Showyourselfie and be part of the story. Together we share much more that our photos. They are signs to the world that we are here – we can be seen so we can be heard.

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