#SeeMoreDoBetter: The Hunger Project Featured on InterAction’s New NGO Aid Map

June 19, 2014

ngoaidmap_1_0The Hunger Project is proud to be a part of InterAction’s new NGO Aid Map. The NGO Aid Map aims to make publicly available data on international development and humanitarian response more accessible to everyone (NGOs, governments, donors, volunteers, and the general public).

Currently, the map pools together information on more than 2,900 projects from more than 85 organizations.

By providing detailed project information through interactive maps and data visualizations, InterAction and its member organizations are increasing transparency and coordination across NGO projects around the world. Julie Montgomery, Director of Innovation and Learning at InterAction, and lead of the NGO Map initiative, reflects on the map’s impact:

Access to information empowers people. NGO Aid Map provides data so the international aid community can make better decisions. The site visualizes the data in a user-friendly, accessible format, while allowing users to download the data for their own analysis. NGO Aid Map gives NGOs, donors, governments and the public access to high quality, up-to-date data they can use to determine the best way to invest resources.

Current, relevant, and accessible information will facilitate better collaboration and raise awareness of important humanitarian initiatives across the globe. Collective project mapping and information sharing is an important step forward, and The Hunger Project couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this partnership.

Check out The Hunger Project’s data on NGO Aid Map:

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June 19, 2014