Our Most Popular Posts in 2015

December 18, 2015

2015 was an exciting, inspirational, challenging and fun year for The Hunger Project. Check out what you read the most, “liked” the most and watched the most on our social media channels in 2015.

Top Tweets

1. @bill_easterly at #InteractionForum. “Poverty is not about a shortage of experts, it’s about a shortage of rights.”

2. #EarthDay2015 We asked. You told us. How do YOU #RethinkWorldHunger? @rayymeltz: “Everyone deserves nourishment”

3. There has been a 300% increase on #women’s issues & gender equality on #Twitter in the last 3 years. #CSW59 #WomenSpeak @mollie


Top Instagram Posts

#FemalInstagram 1eEmpowerment: A few Hunger Project staff members from Sweden and the U.S. are currently in #Ghana and took this photo of Elizabeth Obubuafo with tomatoes grown on her farm in Mahem, a community at Matsekope epicenter. Through microcredit loans from The Hunger Project, she was able to grow her farming business to 50 acres of land from 10. Elizabeth now hires people to work her land and also has other businesses in fish, clothes and poultry. She is now able to send her children to school and provide a better life for them. Her husband supports her in these endeavors. In an area where women have generally been marginalized and subordinate to men, Elizabeth is a shining example of an empowered women. #women #empowerment #ghana #tomatoes #farming #africa


The firInstagram 2st step in rethinking the solution to world hunger is starting with women! When #women have equal access to #education and go on to participate fully in #business and economic #decisionmaking, they are a key driving force against hunger and poverty. #RethinkWorldHunger #RethinkTheSolution #EndHunger #EndPoverty #startwithwomen #womensempowerment

Instagram 3Anima Bishuro has used #loans from the Hunger Project to improve her life. With her first loan, Amina took out 600 birr and bought a female sheep. When the sheep gave birth she sold the baby and repaid the loan. With her second loan, Amina took out 1000 birr, in addition to what she had saved from the first loan and the sheep, and bought a cow.The cow had calves and produced milk and butter which Amina sold. With her last loan, Amina took out 1500 birr so she could send her daughter to Saudi Arabia for a good job. With the money Amina has made through her sheep, cow, and the #success of her daughter, Amina has been able to redo her house. #womancrushwednesday #wcw #womensempowerment #business #saving #endhunger #endpoverty #Ethiopia

Top Facebook Posts

1. Åsa Skogström Feldt delivers address at the U.N.

2. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s video address to The Hunger Project at the U.N

3. Empowering Women is Part of the Climate Solution

Most Viewed YouTube Videos

1. A Woman’s life in Bangladesh

2. The Hunger Project Overview

3. Rethink World Hunger

Top Web Stories

1. Celebrating Girl Children in Bangladesh

2. International Women’s Day 2015

3. President and CEO of The Hunger Project Address the U.N.