Indigenous Organization wins Prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural Life

October 9, 2014

The Organization of Indigenous Women of Laramate (OMIL) was one of eight laureates selected by the WWSF International Prize Jury to receive the Women’s World Summit Foundation (WWSF) Prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural Life 2014, with an award of US $1000.

The award “honors creative and courageous women and women’s groups around the world for their contributions in improving the quality of life in rural communities, for protecting the environment, transmitting knowledge and standing up for human rights, development and peace.” Since 1994, WWSF has awarded 403 prizes in over 120 countries.

OMIL works with Chirapaq, The Hunger Project’s partner in Peru, on food security and sovereignty programming. OMIL is an organization formed by more than 150 women and their families, from the Laramate District in Ayacucho, Peru. Their intimate understanding and support of their Quechua community demonstrates a unique example of catalyzing existing knowledge and energy toward a successful, replicable model of sustainable community organizing. OMIL’s work empowers Quechua women and families in Ayacucho to preserve their traditional wisdom, integrating contemporary and indigenous knowledge for the benefit of the land and communities.

Tarcila Rivera Zea, Executive Director of Chirapaq, and the Mayor of the Laramate District Government provided letters of support for the nomination of OMIL, highlighting the important role OMIL holds in the community, as leaders and guardians of the rights of women.

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