Health Partnership Provides Free HIV Screening in Burkina Faso

May 19, 2011

Burkina Health.previewIn May 2011, The Hunger Project (THP)-Burkina Faso organized a two-day educational campaign for HIV/AIDS, followed by free testing and free medical consultations.

The campaign was carried out in partnership with a doctor’s association (ADD), directed by medical professor Mrs. Maïmouna Dao, and included participation by a medical student association (AEM) and the Center for Information, Advising and Documentation on HIV and tuberculosis (CIC-Doc).

All in all, six doctors, 15 final-year medical students and five agents from the CIC-Doc came out to provide services at Vowogdo Epicenter. As a result,

  • 379 individuals benefited from free medical consultations,
  • 332 people received free HIV testing, and
  • over 1,000 people were educated on HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.

Members of the national council and local authorities participated in the activities, receiving media attention from both the national television network and the written press.

This campaign was much lauded by local authorities, including the Chief Medical Doctor of the health district as well as the general population. Because of the success of the inititiave, THP-Burkina Faso plans to reproduce it in all THP epicenters in Burkina Faso.

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May 19, 2011