Give and Get: More Creative Ways to Invest in the End of Hunger

May 21, 2012

GrantooSteaz.nodeWe work tirelessly to develop new and creative ways for you to invest in the end of hunger. This week, we’re excited to bring you two sites that let you do just that – and get something in return!

Make a Video, Be an Inspiration

First up is Steaz where you can make a video about your already inspirational life for the chance to win $5,000 AND invest $5,000 in The Hunger Project.

Are you an artist? A performer? An athlete? A grassroots community leader? Or just an everyday hero (that’s for all the working moms out there)? Do you have a unique vision for your life? Share that vision – make a video, and let your Steaz shine. Then, upload your video, and tell us about yourself for a chance to win $5,000. Think about which charity means the most to you, and choose the one you would like to also win $5,000. Let’s get inspired – mind, body, and soul. We can’t wait to see your life on film.

So get those creative juices flowing and submit your video at My Steaz. Deadline is June 1.

Play a Game, Invest in the End of Hunger

You’re already working hard to get that degree to change the world. Why not get a head start and pay down those tuition costs while you’re at it? At Grantoo, play games online for actual winnings that will go towards tuition costs and invest a portion in The Hunger Project.

Grantoo is a unique social gaming platform that lets you play amazing games and win educational and charitable rewards – all for free. Our social gaming community enables you to reduce the cost of your tuition and increases the reach of your philanthropy.

Students spend hundreds of hours per year on casual games – Grantoo’s network goes beyond entertainment. Here, you can turn your gaming hours into financing your education. In addition, your success is directed towards meaningful social contributions.

Grantoo offers you the chance to win educational grants and contribute to causes you care about – without cutting into your pizza budget.

We partner with local colleges and national brands to sponsor free game tournaments. Contestants win tuition grants, rewards, and donations to their favorite causes. Grantoo empowers its members by letting them steer. You pick a charity and pledge a percentage of your winnings to that cause.

Hear that? Play a game. Pay down tuition costs. Invest in the end of hunger. Students just like you have already won thousands of dollars towards tuition and invested more than $700 in The Hunger Project! So what are you waiting for? Get gaming with Grantoo!

p.s. Don’t forget to share these creative opportunities with friends!

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