FeelGood Success in 2013!

December 20, 2013

chestnut-hill2Generosity of spirit, perseverance, resourcefulness and creativity of the unleashed spirit are just a few of the attributes embodied by the students of FeelGood who participate with The Hunger Project. The presence of hundreds of youth on 21 college campuses, engaged in sharing stories of their village partners and raising the financial resources needed, is truly extraordinary.

Over the last several months, each chapter has succeeded in meeting their fundraising goals and collectively raised close to $43,000 in new money to empower their sisters and brothers in the village communities. Using their unique talents and skills, the students have communicated the message of ending hunger by selling delicious grilled cheese sandwiches at weekly delis, late night deliveries, on-campus catering, community events and so much more.

The Hunger Project is inspired by the initiative that each FeelGood change maker has taken this year, and by the deep commitment and passion they have shown to promote the end of hunger. A special recognition goes to the Chestnut Hill College FeelGood Chapter (pictured) for leading the way on their campus of over 2,000 students, already raising a significant portion of their $4,000 goal towards our programs. Great communication, teamwork, sustained camaraderie and unity around the mission has been their mantra for their achievement!

Congratulations are also in order to University of Vermont ($17,000) and University of Pittsburgh ($8,000)!

To learn more, please visit www.feelgood.org