Ending World Hunger as a 4th Grader

June 25, 2012

20120331-073428.nodeAt the beginning of the school year Ms. Smith’s 4th grade class (pictured) took an enormous leap – across the oceans, around the world and into the lives of millions of people working to end their own hunger in Africa, South Asia and Latin America.

With bake sales and collection buckets, they went out into their community to educate their family and neighbors about the pressing issue of world hunger – and eventually collected over $1000 for The Hunger Project!

With this investment, and the inspired guidance of their teacher, these students in Alabama have joined together in partnership with students just like themselves in countries such as Bangladesh, Benin and Ghana to work towards a brighter, hunger-free tomorrow.

The students sent us letters with their investment to share their story:

“First we made a list of all the problems in the world. We then narrowed it down to hunger. Then we decided if we should go locally or globally and we decided globally. Next we decided which charity to give money to and you know which we chose!” – John

“We chose you because you taught how to be sustainable. So we are ready to help the world!” – Jake

“We made bottles with posters on them saying: Help Hunger! We gave them a month in some Homewood stores, then my friend Lydia invited all the girls to her house and we had a bake sale. Then another friend had a jar in her grandparents’ restaurant.” – Maria

“We got a few yes’s and 3 no’s. We got a hundred dollar bill too!” – Bruno

“We spent 405 hours as a class and I’m glad we did for the cause of hunger.” – Holden

“We spent a lot of time and we really hope it helps hundreds of people.” – Jenna

“We are so proud and we know you are too.” – Janiya

“We have worked really hard to make a difference in the world, please help us try to finish it.” – Lainey

“Please give the money we raised for your company to the people who need it most.” – George

“Thank you so much for doing this…I would really like to know where it goes.” – Lydia

“You guys are awesome…I think you have made a difference in the world.” – Kate

Well, Kate and class, we think YOU are awesome and we know you have made a difference in the world. On behalf of the millions of children, women and men in THP programs, an enormous THANK YOU to Ms. Smith’s 4th grade class!

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