Announcing the Winner of the 2011 Africa Prize for Leadership!

July 22, 2011

Dr. Chenoweth 2011 - FAO News-w_0Last week, I had a conference call with more than 50 Hunger Project investors and staff from around the world to share details about our exciting upcoming Annual Fall Event. On that same call I had the honor of announcing the laureate who will be awarded the Africa Prize for Leadership for the Sustainable End of Hunger at the event. And now I am happy to announce to all of you here, the winner of the 2011 Africa Prize is: the Minister of Agriculture in Liberia, Dr. Florence Chenoweth.

Dr. Chenoweth has devoted her life to the pursuit of gender-equal agricultural rights and resources.

By honoring Dr. Chenoweth with the 2011 Africa Prize, The Hunger Project emphasizes the importance of leadership at the highest levels of government in ensuring the sustainable end of hunger and serving as positive role models for all empowered people.

I hope you’ll join us in New York City on October 22nd to celebrate these two world leaders!

Image courtesy of FAO.

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UPDATE: Check out highlights from the event!

Update: This article has been revised in light of recent and unprecedented events which prompted an adjustment to the recipients of the 2011 Africa Prize for Leadership. For more information click here.