Agricultural Entrepreneurship Training Gives Young Ethiopian Farmers the Opportunity to Flourish

June 7, 2016

To round off its initiatives for 2015, The Hunger Project-Ethiopia gave a training on Agricultural Entrepreneurship at its Wurib, Mesqan, Enemore, and Jaldu Epicenters for unemployed youth and young farmers. The training was the first of its kind.

One hundred and twenty youth, 43 of which are female, participated in these trainings which aimed to empower agricultural entrepreneurs and heighten their ability to seize the opportunities surrounding them so that they may build careers for themselves and become market-oriented businesspeople. The training gave these young people a greater sense of initiative and improved their entrepreneurial skills.

The best entrepreneurship ideas will be financed by The Hunger Project-Ethiopia revolving fund, channeled through the epicenter, based on competition. Other ideas may be supported by the epicenter Savings and Credit Cooperative (SACCO) and Woreda Office of microenterprise, which is also willing to extend technical support and facilitate credit and resource availability for groups of youth to engage in business ideas that create job opportunities and have economic rewards.

With an entrepreneurial education and financial investment from local organizations, young farmers will have the opportunity to truly flourish as businesspeople and build lives self-reliance.


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