The Hunger Project and Designit Launch New Global Partnership

May 20, 2017

The Hunger Project is excited to announce its partnership with Designit, a global strategic design firm with 13 offices around the world. Through this one-year strategic partnership, Designit will utilize its design approach and capabilities to develop new forms of digital engagement for The Hunger Project to reach new investors and to deepen engagement strategies among existing investors.

With shared values based on a human-centered approach, The Hunger Project-Designit partnership is a dynamic example of organizations collaborating across sectors to leverage respective expertise and capabilities to drive social impact change.

Partnerships are key to The Hunger Project’s approach to ending hunger worldwide, and they are critical to strengthening the organization’s internal capacity and providing new ways to look at challenges. The new partnership with Designit will enable us to leverage Designit’s unique capabilities, skillset and passion in our effort to harness the power of digital engagement in our work to end world hunger.

The idea of a partnership first blossomed during an early conversation between leadership members at The Hunger Project and Designit. Managed by Designit’s Stockholm office, the global partnership now engages employees from Designit offices in Tokyo, Medellin and New York. The project was selected for the firm’s all-employee trip in June in Rotterdam to gain additional inputs to inform upcoming project recommendations.

Throughout the year, the partnership will also feature collaborations with design, media and technology students in Sweden and the U.S. Stakeholders from The Hunger Project will be engaged throughout the process to contribute to the process and to learn about Designit’s working methods along the way.

For additional information about this partnership, please contact Lindy Mockovak, Director, Strategic Partnerships and Marketing, + 1 (212) 251-9115 or lindy.mockovak@thp-transfer.flywheelsites.com.