Cyber Dynamite: A Napoleon Dynamite Benefit Reunion


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Key cast members of the 2004 comedy film Napoleon Dynamite and some VERY special surprise guests reunited virtually for “Cyber Dynamite,” a unique pre-recorded program that dropped on YouTube on Friday, December 4, 2020.

This hosted reunion is the very first time many of the cast have interacted since the film first burst out at the Sundance Film Festival and went on to become an international smash hit.

For this special event, the stellar cast and production team have decided to support and highlight us here at The Hunger Project by asking viewers to give to our work.

Thank you for watching and thank you for giving to The Hunger Project!

After the reading, enter the raffle!

Donors to the “Cyber Dynamite” event at the $75.00 level or higher will be entered into a special drawing for a chance to receive one of four one-of-a-kind special gifts from one of the Napoleon Dynamite cast. Full rules and item descriptions below.

A custom, hand-drawn portrait by Napoleon himself, Jon Heder. (Drawing to be based upon a winner-supplied photograph)

A 20-minute acting lesson (via Zoom) with Pedro a.k.a Efren Ramirez.

A custom Uncle Rico autographed Wilson NFL football courtesy of Jon Gries.

A LaFawnDuh gift package including a gold chain with either the initial L or the word LaFawnduh, some surprise items and a personal custom video/phone message for the winner from actor Shondrella Dupre Avery.

Raffle fine print: Each individual $75 donation entitles the donor to 1 chance in the random drawing for the special items. Donations will be eligible until midnight January 29, 2021). Taxes and any legal burden will be the responsibility of the winner. Items will be shipped or delivered to the randomly selected winners (ground shipping US address only) by March 1, 2021.

raised so far!

Join the cast of Napoleon Dynamite for a virtual reunion and enter a once-in-a-lifetime raffle!

Launched on Friday, December 4, 2020

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