Access Ends Hunger: A World Hunger Day Special Event

Recorded: Thursday, May 27

9am – 10:15 am ET
Virtual Event


A conversation with Hunger Project leaders and Goodwill Ambassador, Dora Nyambe, examining the importance of access to technology, education and healthcare, and the challenge of removing barriers standing in the way of equal access in Africa.

Watch the Event

On May 27, 2021 we hosted a special session with Hunger Project leaders and our Goodwill Ambassador, Dora Moono Nyambe.

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How can we improve access to essential resources?

Access to critical resources such as education, technology, and healthcare is essential to ending hunger and poverty. When children receive education and women have access to healthcare and technology, they have the ability to build a better future for themselves and their communities. Bridging the gaps in access to these essential resources is a critical step towards ending hunger and poverty. 

On Thursday, May 27, 2021, ahead of World Hunger Day, we hosted an interactive panel event exploring how #AccessEndsHunger.

This event focused on access challenges and opportunities in rural Africa.


Meet your speakers:

Irene Naikaali Ssentongo, Head of Programs in Uganda

Samuel Mutambo, National Program Director in Zambia

Dora Nyambe, Goodwill Ambassador to The Hunger Project

The Hunger Project’s CEO, Tim Prewitt

Irene Naikaali Ssentongo, Head of Programs, THP-Uganda

Irene Naikaali Ssentongo is a program management specialist with over 15 years senior level experience managing community led development programs with a special orientation towards gender equality, women empowerment, Livelihoods and Youth programming. In her current role as the Head of Programs, she provides leadership in the management of community led development programs across 13 community clusters. Irene is also a seasoned Toastmaster with Toastmasters International. She previously served as club president for the Kampala Toastmasters club. She is passionate about public speaking and the role it plays in amplifying the voice of women in the gender equality equation. She holds a Masters’ degree in Health Services Management and a Bachelor of Social Sciences – Public Administration.

Samuel Mutambo, National Program Director, THP-Zambia

Samuel Mutambo has more than 10 years of experience working in sustainable development. He has experience working with many international and local organizations, including community-based organizations in Zambia. Samuel brings an expert knowledge of agriculture development programs, having received a certificate in General Agriculture from Chipembi College of Agriculture and having previously worked with two NGOs on agriculture support and nutrition programs. Samuel is currently the National Program Director for The Hunger Project-Zambia.

Dora Nyambe, Goodwill Ambassador

In 2019, Dora founded a school in the rural village Mpapa, Zambia. Prior to that, the village had no education opportunities for children of any age and many of the children were suffering from malnutrition and chronic hunger. In addition to creating free, accessible education for the village, Dora launched a feeding program that provides a whole, nutritious meal to each student and educates the families about nutrition. Her school currently educates, cares for, and nourishes 106 children. In 2020, Dora began educating the world about chronic hunger and the importance of education access on TikTok. She has since shared her story with over 2 million people in her online community. Dora recently teamed up with The Hunger Project to continue advocating for a sustainable end to hunger.

Tim Prewitt, CEO

Tim Prewitt is an international executive, CEO and board member with more than 20 years of experience leading global teams to deliver impact at scale, through agricultural development, social enterprises, gender empowerment, impact investment, community-led development, and policy reform. He is a highly regarded speaker on agriculture, poverty and economic development, and has spoken at the World Economic Forum, Clinton Global Initiative, and World Food Prize. He is also the author of the forthcoming book, Table for Ten Billion, which chronicles the efforts of farmers, policy makers, companies and communities around the world to feed our planet.

World Hunger Day

This year, World Hunger Day, May 28, 2021, highlights the importance of access to education, healthcare, and technology. These resources are critical for people to lift themselves out of hunger. Learn more about how #AccessEndsHunger at www.worldhungerday.org

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