Montserrat Salazar Gamboa

Country and Regional Directors


Country Director, Mexico


Montserrat Salazar Gamboa is the Country Director of The Hunger Project-Mexico, having served as the Deputy Director for several years. She has 22 years of fundraising experience with a specialization in Corporate Giving, Managing Nonprofit Organizations and Building Sustainable Nonprofit Organizations. She also holds a law degree from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM); a specialization in management philosophy and project management from the University of Comillas de Madrid; and a degree in fundraising management from Indiana State University.

Montserrat has facilitated the institutional strengthening and organizational development of nearly fifty civil society organizations and overseen the processes of a dozen networks of Multi Actor Negotiation, Consensus Building and Multisectorial Networks. She has also designed and coordinated volunteer programs with International Cooperation for UNESCO, UNDP, America Solidaria México and national civil organizations.

Montserrat is a founding partner of the social enterprise Telar Social México, a group that creates projects, social, cultural and artistic, disruptive and innovative companies through the orchestration of multi-sector actors, participatory citizenship and the impact on public policies that promote sustainability, the social and creative economy of Mexico.

Country and Regional Directors

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