Alassane Pouye

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Country Manager, Senegal


Alassane Pouye joined THP Senegal on December of 2010 as a program officer. He holds a certificate as an agricultural technician, a diploma as an agricultural works engineer and a diploma as an agricultural engineer, with an option in rural economics. In this capacity, he coordinated the planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting of the various programs. He also assisted the National Director in her role as a partner finder and resource mobilizer at the local level. He coordinated the investors’ visit to the various epicenters in collaboration with the national management.

Before joining THP, Alassane worked for two years as a research assistant for the popularization of agricultural innovations in a rural development program, then as a facilitator, for 4 years, in charge of building the capacity of populations in the village planning and development project. The project’s work consisted of supporting villages to organize themselves, create development plans and identify priority actions that required project support.

As a volunteer, Alassane has also worked for farms on the outskirts of the Thiès region before consulting with design offices in the Louga region and Dakar. Since January 2019, he has to country manger of The Hunger Project Senegal with the mission of carrying out all THP-Senegal activities under the supervision of the THP Operations Director and through the Regional Director for West Africa.

Alassane is passionate about development and particularly community-driven development. He is married and the father of three children.

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