Annual Report 2018

The Hunger Project’s 2018 Annual Report highlights the impact of our work to empower the nearly 16 million people reached by our programs across nearly 13,000 communities in 2018.

In nine countries of Africa, through The Hunger Project’s Epicenter Strategy, communities are leading sustainable, women-centered programs, reaching 1.4 million people. These programs are holistic, meaning they address issues across sectors such as food security, health and education. The goal of the strategy is a declaration of accomplishments and self-reliance — meaning they are set up to sustain and further the work begun in partnership with The Hunger Project. In 2018 alone, 11 epicenters — comprising over 142,000 people — celebrated self-reliance. And with Chokwe Epicenter’s declaration of self-reliance in Mozambique at the end of 2018, there were a total of 35 self-reliant epicenters across the continent. The continuing work of these communities post self-reliance is a demonstration of the sustainability of community-led approaches.

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