Sheree S. Stomberg, Chair


Global Head, Citi Shared Services and the Citi Service Center Network


Global Board of Directors, Chair


Sheree Stomberg is the Chair of The Hunger Project’s Global Board. She is the Global Head of both Citi Shared Services and the Citi Service Center Network, and is a member of the Operations and Technology Operating Group. Ms. Stomberg currently leads the expansion of the Shared Services function for the purpose of generating efficiency across the internal operations of Citi. She also created the Citi Service Center Network, through which she is optimizing the global footprint of Citi’s operations. Starting with over 400 sites, she obtained buy-in from diverse stakeholders to create Citi’s current footprint of 27 Invest to Grow Sites and an additional 18 Maintain Sites. These 45 sites encompass over 100,000 of Citi’s headcount.

A senior leader in the financial services industry, Ms. Stomberg has, over the last 30 years, led business functions of increasingly broader scope, expanding her strategic impact and financial contribution. Her experience ranges from Operations and Technology to Strategic Planning, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Banking and Credit Risk. Ms. Stomberg is known for building global businesses, leading with strategic vision, generating buy-in among diverse partners, and producing outcomes that result in significant added value for clients. Ms. Stomberg has also created innovative product and delivery capabilities in over 90 countries for businesses ranging from $3 billion to $10 billion in revenue.

Throughout her career, Ms. Stomberg has served as a strong voice for diversity and inclusion. She co-founded, sponsored, or chaired, three of Citi’s Women’s Councils. These councils have been instrumental in facilitating the advancement of women to management positions in banking and have had lasting effects on countless careers. Sheree also joined the Citi Black Heritage Affinity Steering Committee in May 2020 to help ensure black colleagues feel included and have the opportunity to grow and develop.

Ms. Stomberg serves on the Board of Trustees for Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA), one of the largest centers for contemporary visual and performing arts in the United States. She previously served as Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee for this organization. Ms. Stomberg has been active in the community in New York City over the years, with her work in safe houses for victims of domestic violence, lobbying for child protection laws with state legislators, and working with children who had been removed from parental custody.

Ms. Stomberg has been an investor in The Hunger Project since 2003. She has served on the Global Board of Directors since 2008, and as Chair of the Board since October 2019.

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