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Rita Sarin, Global Vice President and Country Director of The Hunger Project in India, leads a nationwide alliance of more than 40 organizations implementing strategies to empower women in local democracy. She has committed her life to igniting and sustaining the leadership spirit of elected women at the grassroots level in India.

Under her leadership, our programs are empowering and building the capacity of elected women representatives in village councils called panchayats so that they effectively exercise their socio-economic, political and cultural rights.

Rita has had many successes channelling bilateral and multi-lateral partnerships to strengthen the voice of grassroots women in local government and in society at large. In addition, she has successfully garnered the support of various government officials at all levels to broaden the scope of women’s role in local democracy as well as bridge the gap between the marginalized, poor and their government.

Rita’s journey to stand up for women’s rights began with her work with women prisoners in India and the deep recognition that gender-based violence against women, poverty and inadequate access and control of resources were just some of the causes for the low status of women in the country.

Rita was on the team which set up India’s first women’s non-governmental organization, the Centre for Women and Development Studies. This phase in her life gave her an opportunity to live in villages of India for 7 years and work with local communities on issues of gender equity and development.

Prior to joining The Hunger Project in 2000, Rita served as a National Program Advisor for the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) for 15 years, where she established and supported a network of 120 NGOs in 18 states working on the empowerment of women in local governance.

Rita was also the core person to set up an Interagency Facilitating Committee for Beijing, formed out of the “women and development donor group” in India for the UN Beijing Conference. This group comprised of several bilateral, multilateral and international donor agencies. This core committee later became a best practice for donor coordination towards key International Conferences.

Participation in Government of India’s initiatives: Currently Rita serves as a member of complaint committee for Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women in National Human Rights Commission. In addition, Rita recently served as a key member of the Government of India’s High Level Committee on Status of Women; served as a member of the National steering committee for sustainable nutrition security in India; also served as an advisor on the All India Research Study on Elected Women Representatives; served as board member on M.S.Swaminathan Foundation.

On the civil society front, Rita currently serves on the Boards of WFP Trust, Action Aid, PRIA, ISS, URMUL Trust. All these organizations playing a critical role in forging democracy and ending poverty in India.

In April 2009, Rita was recognized as one of 25 Women of Excellence by the FICCI Ladies Organization (FLO).

In 2015, Rita recognized and awarded as “Women of Pure Strength” by Vodafone Foundation India for her contribution towards women’s empowerment and for serving as an influential voice to those who have been deprived of their basic human rights. “Women of Pure Strength” which is an attempt to capture the journeys of fifty women towards women’s empowerment with each having an extraordinary story of her own.

Rita loves spending time with her family, especially her daughter, who has witnessed her journey, and is herself a young independent woman chalking her own path to work on the same issues as Rita, and shows great promise in following in her footsteps.

Rita has an M.Phil in Sociology from the University of Chandigarh and a post M.Phil in Development Policies from the University of Nottingham, UK.

Country and Regional Directors | Executive Team
Global | India

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