A Leader is Born in the Coki Epicenter in Senegal

Daro Seck was born in a local community situated about 7 km from Coki Epicenter. She is the custodian of the health center in Warack. Her relationship with The Hunger Project dates back to 2003. In 2013, Daro attended the constituent general assembly of Coki...

Learning Starts Early: The Story of Eunice Watsaliranji

Access to early education through nursery school has proved to be useful in Champiti Epicenter. For one child in particular, Eunice Watsaliranji, it is evident that The Hunger Project-Malawi’s nursery school has contributed to her academic success. Eunice is...

Shapla’s Determination Stopped Her Child Marriage

Shapla Banu was almost married by her parents at just 13 years old. With her courage and the support of The Hunger Project's Youth Ending Hunger program, she avoided that fate. Her story, below, was recently selected out of 300 cases by the National Committee of...

Activism for the End of Hunger

“I have been an Activist/Investor in The Hunger Project since 1977 because it is the highest leverage I can get on my money to produce the results I am committed to in the world. I have yet to find a better such investment so it continues to be the central focus of...

The Hunger Project Taught Me How to Be Independent

Since joining The Hunger Project's Women's Empowerment Program and becoming a trained animator in Ghana, Dina has expanded her farm, started a new business and has positively affected the lives of women in her community. My name is Dina Amartey; I am 34 years old and...

What I’ve Learned From Using Organic Manure

“New agricultural practices have enabled our community to increase agricultural production and improve our food security.” Read one man’s experience with The Hunger Project’s agricultural programs.

Women in Africa Generating Household Income

Meet Matilda Aba Tibua, a married woman with four children, who is now helping to support her home after participating in The Hunger Project’s Vision, Commitment and Action and food security workshops. She shared, “The Hunger Project brought some confidence into my life that I can do better than I am doing now.”

Now I Say What I Have to Say

Patricia Martínez shares how The Hunger Project’s trainings in her community in Oaxaca, Mexico empowered her to stand up and express her opinions without fear.

Reducing Stigma of HIV in Uganda

Lady Madinah recounts how her local epicenter and community in Uganda helped her not only come to terms with her HIV diagnosis, but also empowered her to stand proud and help others. Read her story.