Elisabeth: A Shining Example of an Empowered Woman

Elisabeth is making the impossible possible.   Elisabeth Obubuafo is a shining example of an empowered woman, running multiple businesses, sending her children to school and providing food for her community. It was not always this way. Elisabeth is an...

Shamima: A Leader For Change In Mymensingh

Shamima is making the impossible possible.   Shamima Jahan, 55, lives in a remote region of Bangladesh. She used to consider herself just an ordinary housewife, but is now considered a transformed community worker. After attending The Hunger Project's women’s...

Genet Musa, Mesqan Epicenter SACCO Committee President

Genet Musa, 40, is the Chairperson of the Savings and Credit Cooperative (SACCO) at Mesqan Epicenter in Ethiopia. Prior to The Hunger Project entering her community at Mesqan Epicenter, Genet received some basic education from another NGO in the area. From them, she...

Dianda Becomes A Committee Member And Expands His Business

“My name is Dianda Gombogo, I am from the village of Boulkon in Burkina Faso. I am a peasant farmer with three children. I am 52 years old. I stopped receiving an education when I was in primary school. Since the creation of the epicenter, I have participated in...

Huluager Badebo, Mesqan Epicenter SACCO Committee Member

Huluager (Hulu) Badebo is a 45-year-old widowed mother of six. When her sixth child was born, Hulu’s husband passed away, leaving her alone to raise her six children. Before The Hunger Project entered her community at Mesqan Epicenter, Hulu worked as a day laborer,...

Fathimath and Justin Save Lives through their Health Clinic

At Lahotan Epicenter in central Benin, The Hunger Project-Benin is working with the local community to staff and expand a small health clinic. Fathimath, the epicenter midwife, and Justin, a chairperson on the epicenter health committee, are working together to promote the clinic’s health services and nutritional education in their community.

Ssisa Rachel Leads Efforts to Improve Education in Her Community

Ssisa Rachel, 56, began her career as a nursery school teacher. When The Hunger Project-Uganda arrived in her village of Nalondo B, in the Mbale Epicenter in eastern Uganda, Ssisa was one of the first to participate in activities and training sessions. Driven by her passion for education and children, Ssisa contributed many ideas and innovations to improving local schools, including her own.

Tsege Improves Family Nutrition with Thriving Moringa Farm

Tsege Nesk is a trained Moringa animator in Ethiopia. The “Miracle Moringa” tree is especially beneficial for pregnant women and new mothers. With support from her local epicenter, Tsege is running a thriving Moringa business and providing valuable nutrition to her family, including her new-born grandson, Abil.