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The Lottery of Birth

A new report says that while there has been much progress made in reducing under-five child mortality rates over the...
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#Showyourselfie and Stand for the World’s Youth

Above, President and CEO of the Hunger Project, Åsa Skogström Feldt, shows her support for gender equality.    We’ve talked about...
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UN Report Calls for Placing People and Planet at Center of Development Agenda

“The year 2015 offers a unique opportunity for global leaders and people to end poverty, transform the world to better meet... Read More

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Think Ending World Hunger is Unachievable? Think Again. Six Things to Know

Hunger is not inevitable. It is not too big of a problem to solve. In fact, it has improved dramatically... Read More

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2015: The Pivotal Year for the International Development Agenda

2015 is a big year. This year, two United Nations summits will take place that can bend the course of... Read More