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Investor Leadership Trips

One of the most powerful opportunities for Hunger Project investors is to travel to one of our Program Countries as a member of a delegation to experience our work first hand, be a part of our strategies on the ground, and return more empowered as an activist. Investor leadership trips are designed for our higher-level investors who are also committed to expanding their leadership as fundraising activists, advocates and door-openers for The Hunger Project. Participants on our trips must be making a designated minimum level investment that may vary with each trip, usually $5,000 or more. In addition, with guidance from one of our staff members, they commit to design their own fundraising and advocacy activities following their trip.

Basic Facts about Investor Leadership Trips

  • Costs: You pay your own costs and a fee to defray costs incurred by The Hunger Project.
  • Size: Each investor delegation is approximately 15-20 people.
  • Duration: Each trip lasts for approximately one week.
  • Preparation: We help prepare you for the experience through written materials and conference calls before the trip. Often, there are opportunities to communicate after the trip, as requested.
  • International logistics: We are available to provide you with advice about air tickets, passports, visas and inoculations. It is your responsibility to obtain them.
  • Local logistics: We coordinate the logistics of the trip from your arrival to your departure. We select hotels and means of ground transportation that are reasonably priced, relatively comfortable and safe.
  • Opportunity: The trip is designed to both empower you and empower our work on the ground. You will have the opportunity to interact with villagers, Hunger Project field staff and volunteers, and often with local officials who are supporting our work.
  • Demands: No matter how well traveled you are, these trips are often both physically and emotionally demanding.


If you are interested in participating in one of our upcoming Investor Leadership Trips, please contact Supriya Banavalikar at (212) 251 9109 or

If you reside outside of the United States in one of our Partner Countries, please contact your Country Director.